How to Move from Goal Setting to Goal Getting

At this point, if you have been following along with me in this Agave process you have done a lot of hard work to set your goals. You have cast your vision, written AGAVE goals, and developed a killer action plan. So, the question is what comes next? How do you move from setting your goals, to actually achieving them? The answer is that you have to make “goal getting” a regular part of your routine. The day to day tools built into the Agave Planner help you to do exactly that and today I want to walk you through those tools to set you on the path to get your goals.

Monthly Check Ins:

Agave Monthly Layout

Each new month is a chance to start fresh. I suggest sitting down at the end of the month or at the beginning of the new month, to plan out how you are going to execute your goals over the next 30-ish days. First, look at your monthly spread and plug in any important dates. Are there birthdays? Vacations? Deadlines at work? Days off of school? This is the time to plot out what the month looks like for you. At this point, I also like to schedule out certain priority things that I try to do every month, like a date night with my husband, and creating our monthly budget.

After I have an idea of the monthly landscape and how full my calendar is, I go back through my goal planning pages and make notes of what I want to work on this month keeping in mind how much space I have to do so. If I am about to have a really full month, it might not be a good idea to expect myself to make huge headway on my longer-term goals. However, I may also look at the progress I am hoping to make on my goals, and re-adjust some of the items on my calendar to make the space I need. This is a good opportunity to do a mini check in and ask yourself what is and isn’t working and make the necessary adjustments. Maybe you have made a goal to increase your health and last month, you tried whole 30 and found it wasn’t for you, so this month you want to focus on incorporating more vegetables into your diet, or try intuitive eating. Maybe you made a goal to write a book, and have been consistently writing for an hour every day, and this month you want to keep going with that goal but increase your time to 90 minutes. Maybe you met a milestone in your goal, and now it is time to shift gears and move to the next phase. Once you have a good idea about what the next month looks like, write down your focus for this month. Wherever possible, add items to your monthly, weekly, and daily to do lists.

Weekly Check Ins:

Agave Weekly Layout

Weekends are another great time to check in and set intentions for the week ahead. Each weekend, I make sure to spend some time preparing myself for the week. For me, that means picking out clothes for myself and my kids, grocery shopping and meal prepping, spending quality time with my family, and setting my task priorities and intentions for the week to come. I do this by sitting down with my calendar and going through my weekly schedule. I check for any work or personal deadlines and appointments and write those down in the “Weekly Task Priorities” section. I also look back to the monthly page and write down any tasks or intentions I have for the week to keep me in line with my goals. Finally, I think about the week ahead, and set an intention for how I want to be present in the week. If something stressful is happening, I think about how I want to show up with calm and peace. If something important is happening, I think about being very present. If I am feeling disconnected from my husband or kids, I might set an intention to spend quality time with them each day. As you fill in these sections, make sure you also schedule any tasks on your daily to do lists as needed. Using this time to set my focus for the week really helps me to accomplish the tasks I need to in order to stay on track and also show up throughout the week in a way that I want to. Even in times of extreme stress or overwhelm (maybe especially in those times) using this weekly check in helps me to prevent that feeling of “where has the time gone?” or “what did I even do this week?”

Daily Check Ins:

Agave Daily Layout

Now for the meat of the Agave goal getting routine! It is in the daily planning that goal getting truly takes root. By accomplishing day to day tasks, little by little you will work your way towards a goal achieved. I like to start each day with the right-hand side of the page, the Daily Agave practice. This is a great mindfulness exercise to help you set a meaningful intention each day. Then, I move on to the “Goal Check In” section. I write down each of my goals and something I commit to do that day to work towards my goal. Sometimes, the task is a routine I am working on, like writing for an hour a day to work on my goal of writing a book. Sometimes, the task is an intention or a mindset, like committing to be present with my kids when I get home from work, or telling myself I am enough today. Sometimes, the task is something concrete, like call the vendor to check the status of the order. Once I work through my 5 goals, I add the relevant items to my to do list to ensure they stay present in my mind. Next, I map out my daily schedule and ensure I have written down all of my appointments and meetings. Throughout your monthly and weekly check ins, you have been adding tasks to your daily to do list. Some of these tasks might be related to your goals, and some of them might be just normal life and work things that have to get done. At this point, I compare my to do list to my schedule and make sure they are compatible. Sometimes, I have a back to back meeting scheduled, this is not a good day to have a long to do list. When this happens, I reschedule appointments or to do list items as I can to create a realistic schedule for the day. Other times, I might have a light meeting schedule. On these days, I make sure I have a lot of to do list items because it will be a good day to get extra things accomplished. The point is to be mindful about what you can get done each day.

If you want to get started on this today, I have a bunch of these tools in my FREE Agave Starter Pack. You can subscribe to my emails and I will send you a FREE Printable that includes a lot of the pages and worksheets described above. If you are ready to take on the whole Agave system, visit the Agave Planner Etsy Shop. By taking just a few minutes to establish daily, weekly, and monthly routines, you will be well on your way from goal setting to goal getting. I would love to hear how this process is working for you. Let me know in the comments.

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